Inland Marine coverage began as an extension of ocean marine insurance. Many customers needed coverage for property that moved on land between the dock and their final destination. The inland marine coverage now protects property in transit and has expanded to cover other risks.

Below is a list of common types of Marine Insurance:

This policy is used to insure against loss to property of others that is in your possession, regardless of your legal liability. It is needed since standard Property and General Liability policies limit or exclude exposures of this kind.

Coverage on property while in transit over land from one location to another.

This policy is used to provide coverage for property you ship overseas while within the described territory and for the limits and perils declared on the form.

This insurance is used to provide coverage for your interest, as well as, the interest of others in specified structures while under construction.

Provides coverage for jewels, watches, gold, silver, platinum, pearls, precious and semiprecious stones. Property can be owned by the insured jeweler, or can be customer’s property in the care, custody, and control of the jeweler.

This policy is used to cover materials and supplies during transit to, and installation at, a covered job site.

Property insurance covering contractors equipment and tools that are often moved from place to place.

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